How to Teach Prepositions 

in a fun, engaging, (almost no prep) way

Prepositions Task Cards and Adapted Book

Preposition Task Cards are:

    • Fast and easy just print and laminate! No other prepping required. 
    • Hands on Learning means your students will really start to understand the concept.
    • This will become a classroom favorite, fun center to use year after year.

Prepositions are one of those things that many kids just struggle with...

​With that in mind, use preposition task cards get the job done. Unlike other downloads the prep is done- no having to spend hours putting it together- before it's usable. 

I need something that is  quick, easy and works. 

"Christina loves using these in speech..."
(Speech and Language Pathologist)

Practice a variety of Prepositions

Hands on learning- makes this activity fun and engaging.

Each card works on just one preposition.  Student read the sentence and then place the caterpillar in the correct place. 

Interactive Adapted Book

Use the adapted book to provide variety while teaching the same concept. 

  • Comes with a sentence strip to improve reading and MLU.

Visual Supports For Extra Support 

  • Some students will need a little extra support. Visual Supports are provided for students who need to copy an image that is already been done.
  • Allow students to "interact" and work on reading- without being fully independent.
  • Instead of just seeing a picture- they have to make it happen.

Great in Preschool 

"Perfect for targeting prepositions with preschoolers. They loved it!"

- Samantha R. (Pre K Teacher)
Lisa uses it with her groups.
(Resource Teacher)
Monica uses it with her class
- Monica (Teacher)

What You’ll Get...

Preposition Task Cards and Visual Supports

Soccer Prepositions Task Cards

Prepositions Soccer Adapted Book

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