Set the Stove: File Folders

By Krystie

Set the Stove: File Folders


Life Skills Food Sorts File Folders Mini-Set

Set includes 4 Interactive File Folders

1 Set the Stove

3 Set the Stove with a food image.  Heat temperature is set to what it would be in real life, increasing students awareness of cooking temperature.

+ BONUS  Alternate Stove Dial File Folder

5 Total Set the Stove File Folders Included



None of us can afford to cook with our class or go on CBI’s every day. Some days you just need something that’s quick, easy and is going to teach your students some important life skills. Set the Stove File Folders are the perfect go-to activity for those crazy days.

Here are a few life skills activities that will get your students ready to cook… without cooking.

Because if we want to increase our student’s independence, “beefing” up their specific skills in isolation is the perfect way to get your students ready to complete a recipe.  And cooking, without cooking, is the perfect way to achieve that.

If you want your students to learn how to cook, you can start with some of the basics.

Set the Stove File Folders Includes:


5 Interactive File Folders

2 Styles of Stove Dials (numbered and not numbered)

The first 2 File Folders have your students practice matching the dial to the specified heat.

The following 3 File Folders challenge your students to place the dial in between.


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