Prepositions: Adapted Book + Task Cards

By Krystie

Prepositions: Adapted Book + Task Cards



8 Page Adaptable Book

8 Hands-On Task Cards + 8 Visually Supported Task Cards

above, under, between, in front of, on, in, behind, through

2 sets of tiles- words only and symbol supported differentiated for various student levels.

Also includes sentence strip option to help save on velcro.

Great for Independent Work Station

Description of Setup included


Prepositions Adapted Book and Task Cards is our TOP SELLER. 
Prepositions can be a difficult concept for many students. Our Prepositions Adapted Book has students practice identifying prepositions while working on beginning writing skills.

Student match the corresponding pictures to name the preposition while simultaneously writing a sentence. (Ex: The caterpillar is under the box.)

This is a great way to have students work on answering questions, especially for students with minimal verbal skills, as well as getting students to use proper sentence structure.

Task Cards give your students “hands-on” practice to bring the prepositions to life. Task cards and adapted book can be used together or separately.

I absolutely love this product. I have used it as a visual support for my autistic students and as a practice for those students who are learning spatial concepts.

This is a wonderful resource for my younger students working on those positional concepts!! The kids are interested in the material and motivated to complete the book!

Skye C.

This product is adorable, it is so cute and the kids love it. I use it almost daily for various needs in Kdg and First Grade.

Pamela Y.

I really like that the students see the sentence but still have to come up with the preposition. Good tool for creating sentences too.

Sheli D.

I love these books!! These are so great to have on hand for my pk-2nd lang kiddos and my kids with Autism!! So wonderful!!

Ashlee P.

Awesome…used this paired with a rubber caterpillar and a box! The combination of pictures and manipulatives works great

Kathleen B.

This is a great speech therapy tool. My kids love it, I love that there is the option for the written word or the word plus the picture for the concepts.

Jamie K.

love working on sentences and concepts at the same time. great pictures, love that is simple and not distracting to my students with ASD. thanks!

Speech Daze

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