PBL in SPED: Design the North Pole

By Krystie

PBL in SPED: Design the North Pole



Yes, it is possible for your students to thrive and grow in more ways than you could imagine using project-based learning.

You just need great visual supports and an engaging topic.

Design the North Pole PBL Project has both!






We know how much work it is to put a project together that our students can be successful with.  So… we made the Design the North Pole Project to include all the visual supports you need while being super engaging for your students. PBL is SPED is possible! 

The Project

Your class will receive a letter from Santa requesting their help to save Christmas for every kid all around the world! There has been a terrible earthquake at the North Pole and everything has been destroyed. They must work fast to create a new design for the North Pole following the requirements of Santa, the Elves, and the Reindeer.

This project is SOOOOOO much fun!  If you’re not sure what you’re going to do to get your class in the holiday spirit, this is the perfect project for you!  

It will take your students a couple of weeks to complete, they’ll be working hard the entire time, and don’t even realize how much work they’re doing.

Your students will be given the opportunity to read (or be read to) the requirement Santa, The Elves and Mr. and Mrs. Claus have for creating their new North Pole then be challenged to build it!

[ P R O D U C T • I N C L U D E S ]

34 Pages of Images to Support to Text and that can be used to create the project

Note on implementing with special education students

Project- North Pole Requirements from:

The Elves
The Reindeer

(note- they can sometimes conflicting)

Persuasive Letter Prompt

Oral Presentation

This project has A LOT to it! As a special educator, feel free to decide what is most important for your student to work on/ grow and focus your attention there!



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