Map My Route: Special Education CBI Grocery Store Preparation

By Krystie

Map My Route: Special Education CBI Grocery Store Preparation


Get your students ready for REAL life, by developing their categorization and mapping skills.  We’ve all seen our students struggle to follow a shopping list.  They can’t find the items they need, and without you jumping in to “rescue” them, they just keep and zig-zagging back and forth through the aisles hoping what they need will just jump out at them.

Stop the madness by teaching them much-needed categorization and early mapping skills in the classroom, so by the time they’re at the store, they’re ready!  They have an idea of where they should look, and know to grab all of the items on their list in a certain area at once instead of walking back and forth.



Map My Route: CBI Grocery Store Preparation Set gets your students ready for the store.

This set works on:

  • Categorizing items by store locations.
  •  Using a shopping list.
  • Early Geometry (using a ruler, line segments if you choose)
  • Creating a route (avoid the zig-zag!)

[ P R O D U C T • I N C L U D E S ]

7 Food Sort File Folders 

  • Fruits or Vegetables
  • Meat or Dairy
  • Produce or Meat
  • Frozen or Bakery
  • Bakery or Dairy
  • Bakery or Deli
  • Deli or Cleaning 

10 Practice Map my Route Sets

* 10 Shopping Lists
* 10 Grocery Store Map
* 10 Graphing Pages

What people are saying about Map My Route: CBI Grocery Store Preparation Set:

Will be using this to prepare for a trip to our local store — it is important for students to learn about isle efficiency

Emily Weisman

Watch the video introduction 

This is a creative way to teach mapping skills to my special needs students. The instructions are clear and the materials are colorful and engaging.

Molly S.

I absolutely love your products. They are functional and presented beautifully. I am always on the lookout for new products that you post!

Paige T.

Love this. It incorporates geometry and shopping.


This will be such a great resource for my activities of daily living class! thanks!

Rene Womble

This is a great resource!

All Things SPEDtacular


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