Easy Readers

Your Student's Will Actually Want to Read

Easy Readers
Your Students Will Want to Read 

    • Fast and Easy just print and laminate! No other prepping required. 
    • Hands on Learning means your students will really start to understand the concept.
    • This will become a classroom favorite, repetition 

Simple books designed for your early and emergent readers 

These simple books use simple sentence frames:

  • I see a ___ .
  • I see a ____ and a ____.
  • I see a ___ next to a ___. 

The repetition motivates your early readers, let's them meet success and gradually increases their MLU (mean length of utterance). 

I bought the Pets Adapted book first and my kiddos loved it so much, I had to buy the bundle!  These books are incredibly motivating to my little kiddos with ASD. 

-Cassie S. 

Practice a variety of Animals

Animal sets go hand in hand with common thematic units. 

Set included: farm animals, zoo animals, pets, wild animals, sea animals and  

Interactive Adapted Book

Hands on learning- makes this activity fun and engaging. Use the sentence strips provided to make the sentences.  

Visual Supports For Extra Support 

  • Some students will need a little extra support. Visual Supports are provided for students who need additional support. 
  • Each book has 2 versions.
  • A version where they have to fill in the blanks on the sentence strip and a version that has already been completed. 

No Distractions

I think my favorite thing about these books (and your others) is the lack of distracting background. The pictures and words just pop off the page making it easier for a whole host of disabilities!

Works great with AAC Users!

- Katrina L. 

Motivates the Unmotivated 

I love books like this. I have a couple of kids into animals that are not into working and this has helped out!

- Jennifer Lynn

What You’ll Get...

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